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Some of our archives are missing. The UCWA had access to a private video streaming service called Veotag. As of July 2011 Veotag services were closed down and their servers were turned off with their database migration that hosted content. We no longer has access to those videos.




Bob Hope on Union County Freeholders

Incumbent democrat freeholders lie about their tax-payer funded dinners during the 2007 debate.


Cranford Councilman George Jorn tells Union County Watchdog Association president Tina Renna he doesn't respect her when he is asked why he was paid $4,500 to serve on a committee that apparently never met. Jorn went on to lose his reelection bid that same year by 20 votes.

The juice down there was free!
Video footage of the freeholder's taxpayer-funded V.I.P. tent at the Saturday 2006 Music Fest and the mess that was left unattended in the park until Monday morning.

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